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For over three decades, clients have trusted ABC Funds’ highly focused investment management services to reach their investment goals.

We are very proud of our funds and are fully committed to their success. In fact, Portfolio Manager Irwin Michael remains the largest individual unit holder of the ABC Funds and his investment goals are aligned with our clients.

The three open-ended funds, ABC Fully-Managed, ABC Fundamental-Value and ABC American-Value Funds, have a minimum initial investment of $25,000 per fund. The types of accounts that are available to be opened with the ABC Funds are Cash, TFSA, RSP, LIRA, RIF and LIF. Please contact our office to discuss the various options.

The two closed-end funds, ABC North American Equity and ABC Global Equity Funds, also have a minimum initial investment of $25,000 per fund however, these are traded on our Closed-End Network. Please contact our office regarding the purchase of any units.

Our administrative and investment teams strive to offer excellent client service and superior performance. We value and wish to grow with our clients.

Invest Your Money Where We Invest Ours.

Irwin A. Michael, CFA

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