October 2019 Pricing Commentary

The month of October saw a divergence between Canadian and American stock market returns. While the main U.S. equity indices produced a positive performance of 1/2% – 3 1/2%, the comparable Canadian results generated declines of 7/8% – 3 5/8%.

Given the ABC portfolios’ significant U.S. weightings, all five Funds provided positive investment performance for the month. This outperformance was largely due to the appreciation of a number of American holdings including: Apple; Broadcom; Facebook; NVIDIA; Salesforce.com and Visa.

With only two months left to the end of 2019, we believe common stocks continue to offer excellent risk/reward potential versus fixed income securities. Consequently, we are optimistic and will maintain our fully invested positions in our five ABC portfolios.

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Irwin A. Michael, President
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