From the Desk of Irwin Michael – October 9, 2015

Over the past several months, North American equity prices have been extraordinarily volatile and negatively affected by the lack of clarity regarding a number of macro economic and political issues, including:

  • Decelerating Chinese economic growth
  • Uncertain U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate intentions
  • The Volkswagen emissions scandal
  • A too-close-to-call Canadian federal election
  • Weak oil + gas/commodity prices

Our investment views are unchanged, which conclude that the stock market weakness is temporary and represents a correction within a continuing bull market. Furthermore, we believe that the negative market psychology has been overdone and that the final three months of 2015 should provide for attractive investment returns.

On a more micro basis, we are watching closely a number of our ABC Funds’ common stock holdings which appear to finally have bottomed in price and are starting to gain upward traction. They include:

  • Com Dev International, which announced this week that the company is in advanced stages of an auction to sell itself.
  • Petrowest Energy Services, which is trading at a significant discount to replacement cost and appears to be picking up new sub-contract business in BC.
  • Trevali Mining Corp, which announced a reduction of production costs and better revenues and is a beneficiary of Glencore’s decision to significantly reduce its zinc production.

With the past week’s strength of the Canadian dollar, our $U.S. dollar currency hedge is protecting our five ABC Funds from dollar volatility considering our significant U.S. common share investments.

While 2015 has been a difficult year for investors, we believe that our ABC Funds are well positioned to take advantage of stock market strength, which we expect for the balance of this year.

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