From the Desk of Irwin Michael – September 4, 2015

“An Unexpected Positive Surprise”

About four months ago we purchased the common shares of Kansas City, Missouri-based H+R Block (HRB), a financial company primarily known for its tax preparation services.

Despite the fact that H+R Block’s revenue and earnings are very seasonal, we believed that HRB, the world’s largest consumer tax services provider, offered good fundamental value as a 1.75% dividend paying, free cash flowing, sum of the parts opportunity. Subsequently H+R Block sold and successfully divested its H+R Block Bank and in the process will focus on its core tax preparation activities. More importantly, HRB will no longer be regulated as a savings and loan (S+L) holding company.

Concurrently, with this divestiture, HRB will be launching a “modified Dutch auction” this month to purchase up to $1.5 billion of its common stock or 16% of the company’s present market capitalization. We believe the bank sale and share repurchase are attractive for a number of reasons including:

  • Refocuses HRB’s activities to consumer tax services and will transition the company such that it will be easier to analyze and follow.
  • The sale of the non-core bank asset frees up HRB from saving and loan regulations.
  • The “modified Dutch auction” share repurchase will significantly shrink the number of HRB shares outstanding and will offer a huge liquidity event for existing shareholders.
  • With an intention to establish a new capital structure, we expect HRB will initiate further shareholder and corporate value creation activities to reposition the company for further growth opportunities.

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